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Bicycle Accidents

California's mild weather and varied terrain attract bicycling enthusiasts, but safety remains a concern. The state records thousands of bicycle accidents annually, with major urban areas pushing for better bike lanes and safety measures to protect cyclists amidst busy traffic.

Uber/Lyft Ride-Share Accidents:

Ride-sharing services have transformed transportation in California, but they've also led to new road safety concerns. In major Californian cities, Uber and Lyft accidents are a growing segment of vehicular incidents, reflecting the evolving challenges of ensuring passenger and driver safety in the gig economy.

Truck Accidents

Sharing the road means sharing the risk. In California, truck collisions represent a significant percentage of highway accidents, highlighting the need for specialized legal insight.

Slip and Falls

Slip, trip, and legal action. With slips and falls causing over 8 million emergency room visits nationwide, California's residents need attorneys who stand firm for safety.

Traumatic Brain Injury

In California, traumatic brain injuries contribute to a substantial number of emergency room visits annually. The California Department of Public Health reports that falls are the leading cause of TBIs, representing a significant concern for public health and safety.

Dog Bites

California consistently ranks high in the number of dog bite claims in the U.S. The state's dog bite statute holds owners strictly liable, leading to millions in settlements annually, emphasizing the need for responsible pet ownership.

Car Accidents

With over 3,000 fatalities due to motor vehicle accidents reported in a single year, California's roads remind us of the ever-present need for vigilance and safety behind the wheel.

Medical Malpractice

California sees hundreds of millions of dollars in medical malpractice payouts each year, highlighting the critical importance of patient safety and quality care in the medical profession.

Pedestrian Accidents

In California, pedestrian fatalities account for nearly 25% of all roadway deaths, significantly higher than the national average, underlining the state's push towards improving pedestrian safety measures.

Employment Law

California leads the nation in employment law claims, with wage and hour dispute filings in the thousands each year, reflecting the state's proactive stance on protecting workers' rights.

Nursing Home Abuse & Negligence

In the face of vulnerability, we stand strong. With elder abuse reports on the rise in California, we're dedicated to safeguarding dignity and demanding justice.

Motorcycle Accidents

As California's roads rev with over 800,000 registered motorcycles, Chivinski Law Firm gears up to champion the rights of riders statewide.

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