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Dog Bites

California consistently ranks high in the number of dog bite claims in the U.S. The state's dog bite statute holds owners strictly liable, leading to millions in settlements annually, emphasizing the need for responsible pet ownership.

Dog Bites: A Defender of San Diego's Families and Individuals

The companionship of a dog is cherished in many San Diego homes, but when a canine causes harm, the physical and emotional scars can be profound. At Chivinski Law Firm, we approach each dog bite case with a sincere sensitivity to the trauma experienced by bite victims, paired with a steadfast resolve to advocate for their rights and wellbeing.

Sensitive Guidance Through Your Legal Journey

Understanding the delicate nature of these incidents, especially when they involve a neighbor’s or a friend’s pet, we navigate your claim with both tact and vigor. Our goal is to reach resolutions that feel just and provide a sense of closure, allowing families and individuals to move forward with confidence and peace of mind.

A Track Record Rooted in Compassionate Representation

Our commitment to the San Diego community is evident in our history of compassionate representation. We’ve stood by many as they’ve faced the daunting task of seeking justice in dog bite cases, ensuring that their stories are heard and honored. The settlements we’ve secured have not only offered financial relief but have also helped implement preventative measures, potentially saving others from similar fates.

Your Advocates, Committed to Safety and Recovery

As seasoned legal professionals, we don’t shy away from tough negotiations or legal battles to protect our clients' interests. Our commitment is to ensure that each case is treated with the urgency and attention it deserves, reflecting the trust our clients place in us. The over $100 million in settlements won for our clients across various cases is a testament to our diligence and dedication to justice.

Promoting Responsible Ownership and Safe Communities

We believe in promoting a culture of responsible pet ownership and safer communities. Our efforts extend beyond the courtroom to advocate for policies and practices that protect San Diego’s residents and support a harmonious coexistence with our beloved pets.

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